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HAIDU Ear Cleaner

HAIDU Ear Cleaner

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Are you tired of traditional methods for earwax removal? Do youexperience discomfort such as irritation and warmth when using other ear careproducts? We understand, and that's why we present our innovative solution: theHAIDU Electric Earwax Remover. Designed to address these concerns, our earcleaner not only provides relief but also comes with a range of benefits,including adjustable pressure levels, a built-in camera with LED lighting, andseamless connectivity to your smartphone.


  • Customizable cleaning: Advanced water spray with four pressure levels.
  • Transparency in care: Built-in camera and LED lights for real-time visualization.
  • Convenience with WIFI connectivity: Seamless WIFI and smartphone app for remote control.
  • Hygienic and safe design: Collection tray, water bottle, and rechargeable for sustainability.
  • Complete ear care: Includes ear air blower for a fresh and comprehensive experience.


Water spray and 4 pressure levels: Experience ultimate adaptability with our advanced water spray, equipped with four pressure levels (normal, soft, pulse, strong). Whether you're looking for a gentle cleaning or a deeper, thorough treatment, the HAIDU Ear Cleaner adjusts to your needs for a personalized experience.

Integrated camera and LED lights for transparency: Take control of your ear care with the built-in camera and LED lights. Follow the cleaning process in real-time and enjoy an unprecedented level of transparency, allowing you to confidently care for your own ears.

WiFi connectivity and smartphone app for convenience: With the seamless WiFi connectivity of the HAIDU Ear Cleaner and the accompanying smartphone app (Solear), you have the power of control at your fingertips. Monitor the process live on your phone, adjust settings, and enjoy the convenience of customized care wherever you are.

Hygienic and safe design: Thanks to the collection tray and water bottle, the HAIDU Ear Cleaner is not only effective in removing earwax but also extremely hygienic. The rechargeable design minimizes waste and provides a sustainable solution for your ear care needs.

Ear air blower for a complete experience: The package is completed with the included ear air blower, ensuring your ears not only feel clean but also fresh and fully cared for.


  • Start with the lowest pressure level: When first using the HAIDU Ear Cleaner, always start with the lowest pressure level. Allow your ears time to adjust to the water pressure for a comfortable and effective cleaning.
  • Ensure proper lighting: To optimize the cleaning process, ensure adequate lighting when using the ear cleaner. Use the built-in LED lights and make sure you are in a well-lit room to accurately follow the cleaning process.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the device: Keep your HAIDU Ear Cleaner in top condition by regularly cleaning the device. Thoroughly clean the collection tray and water bottle after each use. Use the included extra attachments to replace them if needed, ensuring not only optimal performance but also promoting long-lasting and hygienic use of your ear cleaner.


  1. The optimal water temperature must be maintained at 37°C ± 2°C (98°F ± 4°F).
  2. Safe age is 12 years or older; children under 12 should use this product under parental supervision.
  3. Do not use this product if you have an ear infection, a hole in the eardrum, blood in your ear, or any form of damage to your ear.
  4. If you feel pain during use, stop immediately.
  5. Users using the product for the first time, please approach the ear canal gently and slowly.


Brand: HAIDU
Type: Ear cleaner set
Camera: Yes, 1080P; recording & photo
Material: ABS + PC
Function: Water spray
Water pressure: 7-24.5 PSI
Water bottle volume: 200ML
Operation time: 7 hours at full charge
Charging voltage: 5V, 1A
Weight: 481g
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Power supply: USB type C Rechargeable
Package size: 16.3x16.1x8cm
Package contents: 1x HAIDU electric ear cleaner | 1x Ear air blower | 1x Collection tray | 9x Disposable ear flush tips | 1x USB-C charging cable | 1x User manual

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  • Camera Lens & 6 LED Lights

  • Replaceable ear flush tips

  • On/Off Button & Mode Switch

  • USB-C Charging Port

  • 200ml Water Reservoir

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Gentle ear cleaning for young and old, maintaining a healthy balance in hearing.

Real-time Imaging

Follow each cleaning step live and capture HD video and photos, not only experiencing thorough cleaning but also capturing crystal-clear images for complete control.

App Control

Manage and monitor your ear cleaning wirelessly with our advanced WiFi feature.

User Instructions

  • Connect your mobile phone to the APP to view the ear canal in real-time.

  • Use warm water close to body temperature.

  • Install the ear flush tips.

  • Press and hold the power button, then select the appropriate water pressure level.

  • Place the collection tray under your ear for optimal comfort.

  • Gently insert the irrigation tip into the ear canal. Press the mode button to start ear cleaning.

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